Airlines say goodbye to First-Class [video]

Another black eye for business travelers as well as those seeking comfort and convenient while travelling on the airlines. According to the Wall Street Journal and ABC News – Airlines such as American Airlines, British Airways & Quantas continue to cut First-Class seats as travellers seek more affordable options. The size of First-Class cabins are being reduced to make room for more Economy or Economy-Plus seating options. According to analysts, very few First-Class travelers actually pay full-price for their seat. Most are upgraded or “bumped up” as a result of frequent-flier status, etc. Research shows that rather than pay as much as $15,000 for a First-Class ticket travelers are buying Business-Class tickets. Ironically, airlines have effectively re-branded a new three-class seating option from First, Business, Coach to Business, Economy Plus, Economy. This re-branding is more than just a name with increases in baggage fees, seat selection fees, snack fees, ticket-change fees, and the list goes on and on. So enjoy Business Class and Economy Plus while you still can.

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