What is the longest over-water route of flight with no alternates?

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Few realize that San Francisco/Monterrey, CA are closer to Hawaii than Los Angeles or San Diego because of the curvature of the earth. The longest over water route in the world is the stretch between the U.S. mainland and Hawaii. Even between Hawaii and Tokyo there are alternate airports available, such as Midway Island (hence the name “Midway”). Read more

Checkride Checklist

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It’s only a few days before your checkride and you keeping wondering if you’re missing something?

With all that aeronautical knowledge swirling around in your head you can’t forget the basics. So here is the IMSAFE checklist to make sure you are safe to fly before your checkride.


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8 ways to know when you should not land your plane

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Ok, it’s time to land your plane, but should you? There are some circumstances where it’s safer to divert to another airport. But how do you know when you should divert?

Our pilots have created a list of more common situations when you should not land your plane. This list is of course not all inclusive, there are many unique situations that you might face in the future. Read more