Aircraft Rentals

Aircraft Rentals

Cirrus Gen6 SR22T Turbo N405MK

  • 2017
  • Air-conditioned
  • 3600 (200lb increase) Takeoff Weight
  • Five seats
  • Known icing & EVS


Diamond DA42 Twinstar N767SA

  • 2008
  • Certified known icing (FIKI)
  • FADEC controlled engines
  • Complex aircraft


Diamond DA40 N562SA

  • 2005 G1000
  • Constant-speed propeller
  • Clean efficient trainer & time builder
  • 130kt cruise


ELITE PI-1000 Garmin G1000 AATD Simulator

  • FAA Approved
  • G1000 WAAS with autopilot
  • Realistic force-feedback controls
  • iPad ForeFlight & GarminPilot app sync
  • 200° wrap-around visuals



For more information contact Sawyer Aviation at (480)922-5221 (option 3).
Pre-Payment Discount

SAVE 10% NOW!!! Receive 10% off Instructor rates and select aircraft with Sawyer Aviation “Pre-Pay” discounts1. To qualify for the pre-payment discount on individual pilot accounts, a minimum balance of $5,000 must be placed on account and then maintained at or above $500, thereafter by replenishing in $1,000 (minimum) increments. If account balance becomes less than $500 then pre-pay status must be reset to the original $5,000 level. Pre-pay does not apply to the “instructor multi-engine rate premium.” Prepay monies placed on account are non-refundable without exception or candidates ability to complete curriculum for aptitude, availability, timing or other factor. Prepayment account funds must be used within 360-days from date of deposit. Unused funds will be forfeited. Please consider training & rental commitment carefully before taking advantage of this program. Call Sawyer Aviation’s Flight-Training department for complete terms & conditions and to start saving today!

Protect Yourself with Renters Insurance

Sawyer Aviation strongly recommends you protect yourself when you fly with Renter’s Insurance. Renter, even as a student pilot, is responsible for any deductibles ($1,000 for single-engine & $5,000 multi-engine minimum recommended) regardless of any wrong-doing / negligence on the part of the renter, any &a all damage to third-party persons / property and may be subrogated against by primary aircraft’s insurance-policy underwriter for primary aircraft damage / loss. Renter’s Insurance offers protection against these risks and follows you the renter to many places that you may go. Contact AVEMCO for additional details. Click here to obtain renter’s insurance NOW.

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Aircraft Checkouts

Aircraft checkout procedures require a minimum of a Biennial Flight Review* for first time renters – minimum of 1hr-2hrs of flight & 1hr-2hrs of ground instruction for current & proficient pilots. A successful aircraft checkout at the end of a scheduled BFR/Checkout session is not guaranteed by default, subject to pilot performance within his-or-her minimum FAA private-pilot & rated standards and at the discretion of the Sawyer Aviation Instructor. A checkout is required for each model of aircraft to be rented (solo). Sawyer Aviation graduates who have received a rating at Sawyer Aviation, within the preceding 12-months in the same model of aircraft to be rented, automatically meet the checkout requirements for C-172 aircraft. A minimum of three-flight hours are required for a checkout in G1000 equipped aircraft. This policy is reverse compatible for the analog equivalent of the same model of aircraft (e.g. Checkout in C-172SP with G1000 = checkout in non-G1000 [analog] C-172SP). Twin-engine, DA-42 Twinstar, composite, complex & high performance aircraft checkout requirements may vary, call Sawyer Aviation for details. *BFR may be substituted with ICC & VFR maneuvers at instructor’s discretion. Pilots must hold a current third-class medical, have a valid credit card on-file & sign an aircraft rental agreement prior to any rental, solo or dual flight.

Fuel Included

Sawyer Aviation aircraft are rented with fuel included “wet” unless noted otherwise. Fuel from other airports are reimbursed at actual cost/gallon paid or at Sawyer Aviation (KSDL) base rate whichever is less. Contact Sawyer Aviation for current base-rate. Pilot responsible for any landing and/or ramp fees incurred away from base airport (KSDL). All prices, terms & conditions subject to change without prior notification.

When you absolutely, positively have to be there overnight

No problem at Sawyer Aviation. Sawyer allows you to take the aircraft overnight, for a weekend or for a long cross-country adventure. There is simply a three-hour average-daily minimum (per 24-hr period). Early morning rental available by prior arrangement, call 480-922-5221 to schedule.

1“Prepay” discount for a particular aircraft is subject to availability and may be discontinued without prior notice. No refunds or special consideration will be granted due to the discontinuation or unavailability of a particular category, make & model or specific aircraft.

For more information contact Sawyer Aviation at (480) 922-5221 (option 3).