Cadet Discovery Flight


The Cadet Discovery Flight, Sawyer’s most economical aviation experience allows the world of aviation to be accessible to nearly everyone. At just $89, the Cadet gives those who have an interest in aviation, the ability to experience what it is like to be in a light aircraft and feel the controls during one-cycle in the airport traffic pattern for a takeoff and landing. Perfect as a brief adventure or a first-step for a budding-young aviator.

Package rate: $89
Flight time approximately: 0.2 – 0.3 hrs
Total duration approximately: 1.0 hrs

Full Description

The flight begins as you are greeted by your Sawyer Instructor-Pilot. Your Sawyer Instructor will discuss with you the wide world of aviation and how to become a pilot. Your Sawyer Instructor will take you through the various parts of the aircraft as he or she performs the pre-flight safety inspection walk around or “Pre-Flight.”

Once the “Pre-Flight” is complete, it is time for what you have been waiting for — takeoff. You and your Sawyer Instructor step inside for engine start. You will hear the control tower and other aircraft as your Sawyer Instructor taxis the aircraft to the end of the runway. You will see how pilots steer airplanes on the ground; it may surprise you how they do it. You will hear and see your Sawyer Instructor carefully complete the checklist prior to departure to make sure everything is “Ready for Takeoff.”

Then finally – you’ve thought about it, dreamt about it, and always wondered what it would be like – it is time to fly. You will feel the controls as your Sawyer Instructor guides the aircraft down the runway and gently lifts off into the sky. You take the controls and feel the airplane obey your slightest command to gently climb and turn. Now you are flying, you are a pilot. No experience necessary to fly a discovery flight with Sawyer. Through the windows and your fingertips, you will see that flying really is just that easy. You have waited for this moment for a long time. Smile, now you are a Pilot-for-a-day.

As you climb away from the runway, your Sawyer Instructor assists you in guiding the airplane through the airport traffic pattern. Like a lap on an invisible racetrack, you fly on “downwind” with the airport off to your side, and set up for landing. You see the city in a completely new way. You will fly near or over the famed TPC golf course. You feel the controls as your Sawyer Instructor assists you. You are flying, now!

As you line up for landing following your Sawyer Instructor through on the controls. See the runway ahead of you. The airplane settles on to the runway for a perfect landing. The airplane taxis off to its place on the flight line. The time counts toward your Pilot’s License at Sawyer should you choose to be a pilot for more than just a day. You will take home an official Pilot Logbook with your Sawyer Instructor’s signature of your flight’s completion commemorating your achievement – marked “Flight-Lesson One Complete.” Your first step towards the world of aviation.

Package rate: $89
Flight time approximately: 0.2 – 0.3 hrs
Total duration approximately: 0.5 hrs

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