Custom Gift Certificate


SET YOUR OWN AMOUNT OF FUN! Sawyer Aviation offers gift certificates in any denomination you choose, from $50 to $25,000. Gift certificates may be redeemed for ANY service quoted or offered by Sawyer Aviation. Redeem for all or part of a new pilot’s flight training; aircraft rental; aircraft charter and more! Call for further details.

Gift Certificates may be used for:

  • Instruction; aircraft time to be used for obtaining a pilot certificate or additional rating
  • Aircraft rental; pilot time building
  • Pilot kits; training supplies
  • Aircraft charter flights for business, vacation, or special occasion*

*Obtaining a quote for a flight in advance is strongly recommended
The Gift Certificate amount is set by you!

Terms and conditions for Sawyer Aviation gift certificates, customers must read before purchasing: Sawyer Aviation – Gift Certificates are prepaid vouchers for store credit at Sawyer Aviation. Gift certificates may be used for any service regularly available from Sawyer Aviation. Services are subject to availability and void where prohibited. Gift Certificates are transferable with valid gift certificate number, printed on certificate. All sales final, no refunds available. Certificates valid up to one-year from the date of purchase or date printed on certificate, whichever is less. Sawyer Aviation does not guarantee specific aircraft and/or personnel at time of gift certificate purchase unless tied to specific reservation, charter quote or other similar signed agreement. Similar aircraft or comparable personnel will be provided unless otherwise noted. Services are scheduled on a first-come, first serve basis. Please contact Sawyer Aviation department manager for additional details or with further questions.