Aircraft Management FAQ

Opportunities and Benefits
How can I maximize tax benefits of aircraft ownership?
Tax benefit eligibility varies based on a number of factors but there are substantial tax benefits to aircraft ownership. Aircraft depreciation across a 5-7 year period, fuel tax, upgrades and modifications, etc. some of the areas where substantial tax deductions may be available. How the aircraft is operated, associated operating agreements and how you and your company account for the flights can be very important. Having your aircraft professionally managed, and in some cases on Sawyer Aviation’s charter program, can maximize the defensibility of the tax deductions that you as an aircraft owner may be entitled to. Sawyer Aviation’s detailed statements, reporting and tracking help ensure that the information needed by your tax professionals is available.
What charitable ways can I give back, philanthropy, donate / How can I be more socially responsible with the use of my aircraft?
The effect a private aircraft can have to do good and to give back is vast and powerful. There are several meaningful ways that your aircraft can make a difference. Sawyer Aviation can work with you to learn about what causes you are passionate about to find ways for you and your aircraft to make a difference in those areas.
How do I make my aircraft work for me while I am not flying it?
The average aircraft owner flies their aircraft 100hrs-400hrs annually with an average of less than 200hrs. 200hrs in a year is only :30 minutes a day. With an average of 3hrs per flight day, that is still only five-days a month the aircraft is flying. What is your aircraft doing the other 23:30hrs in the day, or 8,577 available-hours and 298 days in the year? The correct answer is, it should be working for you! Making your aircraft available for charter use requires little or no cost. Sawyer Aviation’s fleet insurance policy can sometimes have charter-usage added to your aircraft coverage at little or no cost. The crew’s recurrent training can include any required aspects of charter usage and there is usually little or no additional maintenance required on top of a comprehensive maintenance program that any aircraft owner would already have in place. The more your aircraft flies your fixed costs (insurance, hangar, debt service, etc.) can be spread out over a broader hourly basis making it actually cheaper the more you fly your aircraft. Sawyer Aviation can show you how.
Can I make money with my airplane?
Yes. You can generate revenue to offset the costs of ownership through charter or rental activity. This does not mean that you will be always generate a profit month-after-month but you will substantially reduce your costs. Revenue generation combined with the fleet-discounts, increased availability from proper maintenance management , and Sawyer Aviation can provide further details and show you how saving $100,000s may be attainable with your aircraft.
How is maintenance and aircraft availability increased by having my plane professionally managed?
Your aircrafts status and everything about your aircraft is tracked electronically by Sawyer Aviation’s management systems. We watch flight schedules and match them to upcoming maintenance intervals, schedule the routine inspections (even having them carried out while you sleep) and get your aircraft back up and ready to fly in the morning. Furthermore, when an unexpected event occurs, our coordination and expertise with maintenance personnel at home or away will cut hours or days off of response times so that the correct action is taken immediately and your trip is not delayed any more than it has to be.
I already have a full time pilot who flies my airplane, how can I benefit more from professional aircraft management?
Your pilot(s) are responsible for flying the aircraft safely, efficiently and getting you to your destination on time. They need help to do this. Our systems for tracking and managing such items as your pilot’s Department of Transportation Drug & Alcohol testing programs to ensure compliance, initial and recurrent safety training, Human Resources functions, aircraft stock, etc.
I’m having trouble keeping track of my airplane costs, how can I fix this problem?
Sawyer Aviation provides consolidated expense tracking that can easily be optimized by your tax professionals where applicable.
How do I know for certain that my aircraft is 100% legal to fly?
Our procedures for ensuring aircraft legality adhere to commercial aircraft standards and on turbine aircraft FAA on-demand Air-Carrier standards.
I need ground support while traveling / trip concierge services?
While you are in the air, Sawyer Aviation is tracking your flight. If the trip changes whether it is for diversion for weather, longer than expected client meeting, or last minute request Sawyer Aviation’s ground team is here to support your flight. We see to it that every aspect of your trip is taken care of and triple checked. You want your pilots focused on the safety of flight and not making rental car, hotel, dinner reservations and catering reservations. When landing at an international airport or maybe just an out of the way place afterhours, we are there to support you, your flight and the flight crew to ensure everything goes smoothly. This service is included with every aircraft we manage.
How do I get a flight crew for my aircraft?
Penguins are proof that just because something has wings does not always mean that it can fly. The same is true of pilots. Sawyer Aviation can screen and select pilots much more so than someone who has not been in aviation for decades.
How do I ensure I have safe pilots flying me, my family and my employees?
Sawyer Aviation provides qualified, trained, professional crew-members for your aircraft either on a contract basis, day-rate or full-time. Our hiring, screening and training process ensures that the professionals flying your aircraft are experts. All human resource functions, drug-testing, recurrent training, etc. for your pilots are managed by Sawyer Aviation for you.
For more information contact Sawyer Aviation at 1 (877) FLY-SAWYER (359-7299) (option 4).