Charter Revenue

Put your aircraft to work

Unused time is money

The average aircraft owner flies their aircraft 100hrs-400hrs annually with an average of less than 200hrs. 200hrs in a year is only :30 minutes a day. With an average of 3hrs per flight day, that is still only five-days a month the aircraft is flying. What is your aircraft doing the other 23:30hrs in the day, or 8,577 available-hours and 298 days in the year1? The correct answer is, it should be working for you! Making your aircraft available for charter use requires little or no cost. Sawyer Aviation’s fleet insurance policy can sometimes have charter-usage added to your aircraft coverage at little or no cost. The crew’s recurrent training can include any required aspects of charter usage and there is usually little or no additional maintenance required on top of a comprehensive maintenance program that any aircraft owner would already have in place. The more your aircraft flies your fixed costs (insurance, hangar, debt service, etc.) can be spread out over a broader hourly basis making it actually cheaper the more you fly your aircraft. Sawyer Aviation can show you how.

Generate revenue with your aircraft

Yes. You can generate revenue to offset the costs of ownership through charter or rental activity. This does not mean that you will always be able to generate a profit month-after-month but you will substantially reduce your costs. Revenue generation combined with the fleet-discounts, increased availability from proper maintenance management , and Sawyer Aviation can provide further details and show you how saving $100,000s may be attainable with your aircraft.

1Average usage 200 hours per year, three hours per flight day results in approx. 67 flight days per year or 298 days were the aircraft is sitting idle.

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