President flies potential new Sawyer Aviation aircraft – Cessna Skycatcher

Earlier this morning Sawyer Aviation’s President, Chad J. Verdaglio, flew the new light sport aircraft, Cessna Skycatcher 162.

This test flight showed that the Skycatcher would be a terrific addition to Sawyer Aviation’s fleet. This aircraft would most likely rent anywhere from $89 to $105 per hour. Some excellent features include:

  • 118 knots per hour
  • Glass Navigation: XM Radio, XM Weather, Maps
  • Sport Pilot rating
  • Private Pilot License
  • Instrument rating (Approved for IFR training, but not approved for flight in instrument conditions)

Cessna Skycatcher 162

Plenty of headroom, even for pilots over 6 feet tall

What do you think about the new Cessna Skycatcher 162? Would you want to fly it? Let us know and comment below!

See it in person this Thursday at Sawyer Aviation’s Flight Training Seminar Series!

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