Sales & Ownership FAQ

Getting Ready to Purchase an Aircraft
Is purchasing an aircraft difficult?
With the help of experienced professionals at Sawyer Aviation, it is an easy and manageable process. Sawyer Aviation assists through steps: which private-aircraft travel solution is right for you, which type of aircraft would best suit your needs, use pro forma, and suggestions on ownership structure, operating costs, aircraft selection, negotiation, pre-purchase inspection, delivery, registration, crew, hangar and insurance solutions. Sawyer Aviation also provides assistance in managing your new aircraft to give you an expert single point of contact for all aspects of your aircraft.
What financing options are there?
Financing options on an aircraft purchase are similar to that of financing real estate or a business vs purchasing a car. Loan terms extend out 10, 15, 20+ years with interest rates comparable interest rates. There are several aviation lenders throughout the country. Initial applications are one page and can be pre-approved in 24-hours. Sawyer Aviation’s trusted lenders will provide upfront terms and adhere to them throughout the loan application process. Usually three-year’s personal (and business tax returns, if applicable), some basic financials and a completed loan application are all that are needed.
What if I don’t want a new aircraft?
There are terrific opportunities where one can acquire a pre-owned aircraft that looks new with very low hours for ½ to ¼ of what is the new-aircraft asking price.
Can I test fly an aircraft I am interested in?
Usually a test flight occurs only after there has been an accepted offer on the aircraft to be purchased. However it is possible to charter a comparable aircraft or arrange a demo flight at the Buyer’s expense prior to making an offer.
How do I make sure the aircraft I buy is safe, reliable?
Sawyer Aviation will select a maintenance facility that is experienced in the type of aircraft you are purchasing, see to it that the research is done to ensure it is legal to fly and that all inspections, service bulletins, airworthiness directives, parts and engine programs, etc. are in compliance.
Ownership Opportunities and Responsibilities
Are there ways to offset the cost of ownership?
Yes, there are ways to offset the costs of ownership by making your aircraft available in Sawyer Aviation’s charter fleet. We will simply present you with revenue-generating charter-flight opportunities as they become available and you can simply accept or deny each trip on a case by case basis ensuring that your aircraft is available when ever and where ever you want to use it. We also have programs where we aggressively structure your aircraft to be a capital producing asset and get higher utilization on it with each hour covering all expected operating costs. An aircraft that flies more frequently reduces your cost per hour when you fly it privately as well. Your aircraft will still be cared for and kept in pristine condition ready for your next flight.
Are there tax benefits associated with aircraft ownership?
Tax benefit eligibility varies based on a number of factors but there are substantial tax benefits to aircraft ownership. Aircraft depreciation across a 5-7 year period, fuel tax, upgrades and modifications, etc. some of the areas where substantial tax deductions may be available. How the aircraft is operated, associated operating agreements and how you and your company account for the flights can be very important. Having your aircraft professionally managed, and in some cases on Sawyer Aviation’s charter program, can maximize the defensibility of the tax deductions that you as an aircraft owner may be entitled to. Sawyer Aviation’s detailed statements, reporting and tracking help ensure that the information needed by your tax professionals is available.
Should I own the aircraft in my business or personally?
We suggest that it is most beneficial for tax and liability purposes to form an LLC or other entity and own the aircraft in that entity. Owning the aircraft personally has certain downfalls.
Do I have to hire a pilot or crew?
There are many options available for having safe, experienced and qualified pilots flying you and your family. We will advise you on options that best suit your needs and won’t add any unnecessary fixed overhead costs to you owning your aircraft.
Where do I park it?
We will find a hangar or parking solution and fuel discount program that meets the needs of your operation, hours flown per year, typical missions, and the level of service you require and still save you money.
Selling an Aircraft
How do I list my aircraft for sale?
Sawyer Aviation will list your aircraft and market it for you. Our strategy for how we structure your listing, price and market the aircraft can be as aggressive as you prefer.
Contact Sawyer Aviation’s Sales Department at 1 (877) FLY-SAWYER (359-7299) (option 2).