The New Cessna Citation TEN

Cessna Aircraft Co. has unveiled their newest runway model,
formerly the Cessna Citation “X.”

The Citation TEN

The Citation TEN is the culmination of research and technology. As one of the fastest and most fuel efficient super mid-size private jets on the market, the Citation TEN can travel farther, faster and with less fuel than its competitors. These benefits support multiple jet uses from private and business travel to jet charter and aircraft rental.

  • 4% more take off thrust
  • 9% more thrust during climb
  • 7% more thrust during cruise
  • Cabin extended 15″
  • More room to recline/more leg room
  • Fully integrated cabin management system: high-def video, digital audio, moving maps, internet
  • Garmin G5000: synthetic vision, touch screen control panels, WAAS LPV &RNP

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