8 Questions with Celebrity Guest Aviator Pumpkin Pilot at Sawyer Aviation

We are very excited here at Sawyer Aviation to have a special guest aviator with us this month, Pumpkin Pilot. We took some time earlier this week to sit down with him and find out what planted the seed in of his head and why he loves aviation! He really enjoys meeting and taking photos with all of our students and pilot instructors!

SA: So how’d you come up with the name Pumpkin Pilot? Was it a nickname from when you were younger, or something you came up with? I have to say it’s pretty unique.

PP: Well, my real name is Paul, or P. Umpkin. I’m round, I’m orange, I love airplanes…its an easy nickname to come up with I guess. I was teased as a child, but I’ve come to embrace it. Oh, and probably because I’m a flying pumpkin.

SA: I have to ask, what’s with wearing orange all the time?

PP: It’s my favorite color. It looks good on me, don’t you think?

SA: Well I have heard it has a slimming effect. What first interested you in becoming a pilot?

PP: I come from a very grounded family that’s mostly in the agriculture industry, but I have always wanted to be up in the sky. Let’s just say, I’m not the tallest guy around so I really enjoy looking at everything from an elevated perspective. Learning to fly and becoming a pilot was an easy choice.

SA: How does your family feel about your exotic and lavish lifestyle of jet setting around the world?

PP: It is certainly different. My family has a rather large seasonal business that is at its peak right now. Of course they are known for their pies. In the past they tried a few other half-bakes schemes, but a few years ago got into the coffee flavoring business. But flying, I wanted to do on my own. I worked hard to put myself through flight school.

SA: How often do you get the chance to go flying?

PP: I am really in demand this time of year, everyone wants a piece of me. I make a lot of appearances, but I try to carve out some time to go every week.

SA: Outside of work, how is your family life? Married, children?

PP: I am married [sorry ladies]! We have three children with the fourth on its way; Nutmeg, Cinnamon and Jack. I must have been out of my gourd to let my wife talk me into another child.

SA: What is your favorite holiday?

PP: Really Lenee? Labor Day… no I’m just kidding, Halloween first and then Thanksgiving. But I have got to learn to take it easy during the holidays, they take a lot out of me.

SA: And finally what is something that our readers don’t know about you?

PP: I can actually type about 90 words a minute and I really enjoy playing the guitar.

SA: Thank you so much so taking the time to sit down with me Mr. Umpkin.

PP: Please, my father’s name is Mr. Umpkin. Call me Pumpkin Pilot.

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