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Aircraft ownership may be the most rewarding decision you’ll ever make. However, the time and effort necessary for its upkeep can be daunting. Sawyer will help you maximize the return on your investment by taking care of all the logistics involved: flight arrangements, bookkeeping, and operation of your aircraft.

Trust Your Aircraft with Sawyer

Sawyer Aviation handles all aspects of aircraft ownership for you

  • Hangar rental space
  • Training and hiring of flight crew
  • Securing a pilot
  • Obtaining permits
  • Insurance policy accuracy and compliance
  • Aircraft activity tracking with monthly updates

Consider adding your aircraft to the Sawyer Fleet

If you own your own aircraft and want residual income from your investment, add your aircraft to the Sawyer fleet. We will manage all aspects of booking for private charter flights, maintenance, and all aspects of the aircraft when you are not using it.

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