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Are we going your way? Sawyer’s one-way flights provide an exceptional opportunity to travel at a discounted rate.

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Due to increased demand for private travel, it is best to book your flight(s) as soon as you know your travel details but we are often able to make last minute accommodations. Give us a call to see if we can get you where you need to go.

Anywhere with a runway long enough to legally land or takeoff from, within reason of course. Flights and aircraft are available to or from any city in the United States. We can also fly you to Mexico, Canada, Caribbean or anywhere else you may want to go.

In most cases, yes. There are approximately 5,000 airports available to private aircraft, only around 500 of those airports are served by airlines. You have 10X more options when you fly privately. Arrive closer to your destination and leave out of less congested airports.

No. However if you and your friends would like to charter an aircraft and share the cost of a trip then you are able to do so.

Sawyer Aviation has a variety of aircraft available depending on your party size, destination, and budget. Jet, turboprop and piston aircraft are available. Your booking expert will discuss the details with you when you contact us.

Yes, when you fly privately the entire aircraft is yours. So stretch out and enjoy all the extra legroom. Bring your friends, the aircraft is yours!

You are not allowed to bring any hazardous materials. Certain exceptions apply but always check with your charter-sales representative in advance and notify the crew before boarding as to any potential hazardous materials so that they are not accidentally brought aboard.

Yes, yes, and yes. Just maybe not all at the same time unless you are on a heavy jet. Large bulky items can be transported.

Yes, kennels or holding smaller animals is acceptable.

“There are Transportation Security Administration (TSA) security measures in place overseeing the security and safety of general aviation and business aircraft. Make sure to provide the names of all the passengers to your charter-sales representative at time of booking your flight and make sure those traveling bring a photo ID matching the names given.

No advance arrival is necessary; we leave when you arrive. Don’t worry, we will not leave without you. However, it is a good idea to ask your entire party to arrive 15-minutes prior to departure in order to allow for luggage loading, passenger briefing and an on-time departure.