Will Beechcraft’s New Single-Engine King Air Take Off?

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By Robert Goyer / Published: Jan 04, 2013 / Flying Magazine

“For bad and for good, the story of Beechcraft is a classic American tale more than 80 years in the making.

The iconic Wichita, Kansas, light airplane manufacturer, which catapulted to prominence with what amounted to the Depression-era bizjet, the still-sexy Beechcraft D-17 Staggerwing, rose through the subsequent decades on the fortunes of a hall-of-fame lineup of products, top-notch support, a dealer network without peer and a brand that stayed loyal to its heritage arguably throughout its history.

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NBAA addresses aircraft depreciation discussed at the first Presidental Debate

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National Business Aircraft Association corrects Obama’s inaccuracies and flawed proposal for general aviation and small business. Changing depreciation on business aircraft from 5-7 years does not help the economy. You can still only depreciate 100%; whether it is done in five years or seven years it is still only 100%. It is better to have the ability to depreciate an asset faster, stimulate sales of durable goods, produce jobs as well as save jobs, allow business to grow, stimulate commerce and cause the generation of millions of dollars for other programs in tax revenue from the sale of fuel to other related items. Stifling growth of America and the affordability of assets used by business is not the way to go.
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The Speed War Continues

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The top civil aircraft manufacturers are competing once again for the fastest civil aircraft in service. Cessna’s Citation TEN was the fastest aircraft, until Gulfsteam announced the top speed of their soon to be released G650, Mach .925. Cessna quickly reacted with adjustments to their Citation TEN, including additional pounds-per-thrust and additional winglets. These adjustments, among others, has increased the Citation TEN’s top speed to Mach .935, an increase of .010 over Gulfstream’s G650. It is important to note that the G650 has not been officially certified; time will tell if Cessna’s Citation TEN can hold on to the title of the fastest civil aircraft.

Ranking Arizona – Vote Now!

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It’s already the time to vote for the 2014 Ranking Arizona: The Best of Arizona Business. Please take a moment to vote for our company. You are able to cast your vote every 90 days and vote from multiple email addresses. We appreciate your vote!


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Little Airport, Big Emergencies

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This is an excellent article from the Wall Street Journal (Scott McCartney) about a little airport that shows what planning and preparation can do.

“Trouble lands here, sometimes twice a week.

Airline flights with security threats, sick passengers and mechanical problems often end up at Bangor International Airport—the first or last major airport in the U.S. for the hundreds of flights across the Atlantic Ocean every day. Flights that are running low on fuel or need to wait out bad weather at their destinations put down here, too.

The former Air Force base has an 11,440-foot-long runway – longer than anything at Boston’s Logan International Airport.

As a result, the airport in Bangor (pop. 35,000) is prepared for almost anything. Even though the airport has no scheduled international flights, it has a large international terminal with four empty gates. Customs and Border Protection officers are available on short notice, and a food stand sits ready with two cash registers. Two years ago, the airport bought a $700,000 heavy-duty tug capable of towing and pushing the largest jets in the world, including the Airbus A380 super jumbo jet.
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Charter is Face to Face

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Face to face communication is still the most effective way to do business. Many industries have forgotten this and they rely on automation, the internet and out-sourcing to call centers. An industry infamous for this behavior is the airline industry.

Travelers deal with the TSA at the airport and rarely get a peek at who their pilot is going to be. They deal with random people from the airline company with different ranges of courtesy.

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New customs service expands Scottsdale Airport’s appeal

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Fantastic Article from the Charter X Daily Email Blast.

“A new U.S. Customs and Border Protection program will expand Scottsdale Airport as an international destination for visitors and business travelers. While customs services were already available, international arrivals and departures were limited to specific countries. Read more

Business for Scottsdale Charter

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Bombardier Jet

The Scottsdale Airpark Business News recently featured Sawyer Aviation and the increased activity at the Scottsdale Airport from the 2011 Barrett Jackson collector-car auction. Sawyer President, Chad J. Verdaglio, explained a large amount of business is expected every year from this event making it one of the Scottsdale Airport’s busiest weeks.  Events such as Barrett Jackson and the Waste Management Phoenix Open bring national recognition and tourism dollars to the Scottsdale Airpark, Scottsdale and other valley businesses.

Many visitors will again flock to this desert oasis to enjoy the Waste Management Phoenix Open. Giving another boost to the Scottsdale Airpark and the whole Valley. Read more

The New Cessna Citation TEN

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Cessna Aircraft Co. has unveiled their newest runway model,
formerly the Cessna Citation “X.”

The Citation TEN

The Citation TEN is the culmination of research and technology. Read more