Why Charter

Why Fly Private?
  • Privacy and safety: avoid being enclosed in a crowded commercial airliner or run the risk of being exposed to pathogens from strangers in busy airline terminals.

  • Achieve higher productivity (up to 40% as reported in a 1997 Louis Harris poll) than when flying a commercial airliner.

  • Gain access to more destinations; Sawyer Aviation can access over 5,000 airports, versus less than 600 served by major airlines, affording you more business and vacation opportunities.

  • Reduce financial costs typically associated with commercial air travel, such as hotel, car rental, and parking.

  • Eliminate time costs and inconvenience by avoiding delays and invasive security found with commercial flights.
  • Ensure your presence at a crucial, out-of-state business meeting, whether scheduled or eleventh-hour.
  • Make on-site customer visits.
  • Plan relationship-building trips with business colleagues – to a distant golf resort or en route to a yachting voyage, for example.

  • Design your itinerary according to your schedule and destination.
  • Pay only for what you need; you get the conveniences of private aircraft travel without the obligations.
  • Take advantage of more creature comforts than you’ll find in a commercial airliner: more luxurious cabins, catered food and drinks, communication ports, and meeting areas.
  • Have a say in the type of aircraft you fly that will suit your needs.
  • Have a full day’s work done and be home in time for dinner.
Contact Sawyer Aviation’s Charter Department at 1 (877) FLY-SAWYER (359-7299) (option 1).