National Aviation Day

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Since 1939 – the 19th of August has been deemed the official day to celebrate aviation’s progress and development. This special holiday was appropriately named “National Aviation Day” by none other than President Franklin Roosevelt. That day was chosen specifically by Roosevelt because it coincides with the birthday of Orville Wright, who together with his brother Wilbur Wright, is considered one of the founders of aviation. (Wikipedia)

National Aviation Day  (c)

National Aviation Day

Just the Numbers

To celebrate the 75th anniversary of National Aviation Day, Kansas News, in partnership with CIT Aerospace, came up with some impressive aviation statistics. A lot has changed since The Wright Brothers took their first flights in 1903. Read more

A BIG deal for new pilots

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Sawyer Aviation makes the dream of learning to fly a reality for only $199/month with the recent addition of the light-sport category – Cessna Skycatcher C162 N5204R – priced at only $99/hr*. The Cessna Skycatcher, or “162,” is one of the latest piston aircraft from the Cessna Aircraft company. The 162 is able to be used for the FAA’s new Sport-Pilot license. The Sport Pilot license allows Read more

Wings & Wheels 2013 – Scottsdale

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Wings & Wheels 2013

Wings & Wheels 2013

Wings & Wheels 2013 Scottsdale Airport this Saturday 12/14/13 11:00a – 3:00p, presented by Sawyer Aviation and Highline Autos. The Wings & Wheels event will have on display new aircraft, exotic & classic cars, custom motorcycles, private-charter aircraft, Read more

Will Beechcraft’s New Single-Engine King Air Take Off?

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By Robert Goyer / Published: Jan 04, 2013 / Flying Magazine

“For bad and for good, the story of Beechcraft is a classic American tale more than 80 years in the making.

The iconic Wichita, Kansas, light airplane manufacturer, which catapulted to prominence with what amounted to the Depression-era bizjet, the still-sexy Beechcraft D-17 Staggerwing, rose through the subsequent decades on the fortunes of a hall-of-fame lineup of products, top-notch support, a dealer network without peer and a brand that stayed loyal to its heritage arguably throughout its history.

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Business Aviation Rallies in Support of Hurricane Sandy Relief

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Press Release from AZBAA, AZ Business Aviation Association

Members of the business aviation community are coming together to gather relief supplies and utilize corporate aircraft to deliver them where they are desperately needed.

Corporations and Private Individuals are offering space on their aircraft to carry relief supplies to the areas of NY and NJ hardest hit by Hurricane Sandy. A corporation has generously donated their corporate jet to fly supplies to the storm weathered Northeast U.S. The aircraft is planned to depart Cutter Aviation at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport on Wednesday November 7th at 8:30am loaded with supplies to benefit those affected by Hurricane Sandy. Read more

Three Epic NASA videos!

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Checkout the three awesome videos below: Read more

NBAA addresses aircraft depreciation discussed at the first Presidental Debate

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National Business Aircraft Association corrects Obama’s inaccuracies and flawed proposal for general aviation and small business. Changing depreciation on business aircraft from 5-7 years does not help the economy. You can still only depreciate 100%; whether it is done in five years or seven years it is still only 100%. It is better to have the ability to depreciate an asset faster, stimulate sales of durable goods, produce jobs as well as save jobs, allow business to grow, stimulate commerce and cause the generation of millions of dollars for other programs in tax revenue from the sale of fuel to other related items. Stifling growth of America and the affordability of assets used by business is not the way to go.
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The Speed War Continues

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The top civil aircraft manufacturers are competing once again for the fastest civil aircraft in service. Cessna’s Citation TEN was the fastest aircraft, until Gulfsteam announced the top speed of their soon to be released G650, Mach .925. Cessna quickly reacted with adjustments to their Citation TEN, including additional pounds-per-thrust and additional winglets. These adjustments, among others, has increased the Citation TEN’s top speed to Mach .935, an increase of .010 over Gulfstream’s G650. It is important to note that the G650 has not been officially certified; time will tell if Cessna’s Citation TEN can hold on to the title of the fastest civil aircraft.

Ranking Arizona – Vote Now!

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It’s already the time to vote for the 2014 Ranking Arizona: The Best of Arizona Business. Please take a moment to vote for our company. You are able to cast your vote every 90 days and vote from multiple email addresses. We appreciate your vote!


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Curiosity Lands on Mars

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Sawyer Aviation congratulates Dr. Alberto Behar, his team, JPL in Pasadena, CA and NASA on the tremendous success of the Mars rover Curiosity’s successfully landing on the red planet. This is a momentous day for humanity in the exploration of other worlds. Thank you for renewing our belief that nothing is impossible.
Checkout this exciting video and story!