Reduce costs, get the most out of your aircraft and minimize downtime

Maximize safety / minimize headache

Your aircraft’s status and everything about your aircraft is tracked electronically by Sawyer Aviation’s management systems. We watch flight schedules and match them to upcoming maintenance intervals, schedule the routine inspections (even having them carried out while you sleep) and get your aircraft back up and ready to fly in the morning. Furthermore, when an unexpected event occurs, our coordination and expertise with maintenance personnel at home or away will cut hours or days off of response times so that the correct action is taken immediately and your trip is not delayed any more than it has to be.

Track airplane costs

Sawyer Aviation provides consolidated expense tracking that can easily be optimized by your tax professionals where applicable.

How do I know for certain that my aircraft is 100% legal to fly?

Our procedures for ensuring aircraft legality adhere to commercial aircraft standards and on turbine aircraft FAA on-demand Air-Carrier standards.

For more information contact Sawyer Aviation at 1 (877) FLY-SAWYER (359-7299) (option 4).