A BIG deal for new pilots

Sawyer Aviation makes the dream of learning to fly a reality for only $199/month with the recent addition of the light-sport category – Cessna Skycatcher C162 N5204R – priced at only $99/hr*. The Cessna Skycatcher, or “162,” is one of the latest piston aircraft from the Cessna Aircraft company. The 162 is able to be used for the FAA’s new Sport-Pilot license. The Sport Pilot license allows student pilots to achieve their dream of becoming a pilot in only half the amount of time of the private-pilot training yet retain the ability to fly as far as they like during daytime flights and in visual meteorological conditions, e.g. outside of clouds or areas with low-visibility (fog/dust/smoke) which is how most general aviation pilots fly, anyway. Here in the desert-southwest we have a lot of clear sunny days that Sport Pilots will be able to take advantage of what the Cessna Skycatcher has to offer. Priced at an hourly rate that includes fuel of only $99/hr plus an applicable fuel surcharge and any taxes & fees – the Cessna Skycatcher at Sawyer Aviation is the most affordable aircraft available to anyone seeking their pilot license. Budding aviators can train for several ratings at the new affordable price in Sawyer Aviation Cessna Skycatcher such as: the sport-pilot license, the private-pilot license, some instrument-rating training, some commercial-pilot single-engine add-on training, biennial flight reviews (BFRs), and pilot’s can even stay current with their three take-offs and landings every 90-days. A pilot holding a private-pilot license or higher may fly the Cessna Skycatcher at night VFR. Also, pilot’s holding a private-pilot’s license can fly the Cessna Skycatcher with their existing license – no add on or endorsement is required (only an aircraft checkout from Sawyer Aviation).


Everything you need, nothing you don’t

The affordability of the Cessna Skycatcher is at no sacrifice of quality or safety. There are many light-sport aircraft on the market designed by experimental aircraft companies or brand-new companies. The Cessna Skycatcher is the only light-sport aircraft flying with the near century of experience and trusted pedigree of the Cessna Aircraft Company (a subsidiary of Aerospace giant, Textron) behind it. Skycatcher — The perfect trainer is fun to fly and efficient to ownCessna designed and flight tested the Cessna Skycatcher to exceed the standards for light-sport aircraft. Pilot’s flying the Cessna Skycatcher have state of the art avionics at their fingertips with everything they need and nothing they don’t. Equipped with the Garmin G300 primary flight display which features synthetic vision (SVT), moving map, solid-state (AHARS) artificial horizon and flight guidance for maximum accuracy and reliability over older, more cumbersome, mechanical flght gauges. The interior of the Cessna Skycatcher is…um, well, rather Spartan compared to Cessna’s luxury business jets. Like all light sport aircraft, the Cessna Skycatcher must be well, light. In order to achieve this Cessna removed all the frivolous parts, kept was essential and beefed up the parts that mattered most. This combined with advances in technology on the avionics and the lightweight Continental O-200D powerplant mated to a composite propeller make the Cessna Skycatcher one of the best light-sport aircraft available for training. Even with the smaller size the Cessna Skycatcher boast nearly the same thrust-to-weight ratio of its older brother the Cessna Skyhawk SP and with nearly the same wing-loading. This is pilot-speak for it can still climb at nearly 1,000 feet-per-minute (868fpm to be exact)1 at sea-level and rides as heavy on the air as the next larger model of Cessna.

Just fly it.

So whether you are dreaming of getting your pilot’s license and think that 2014 is finally the year to do it or you are already a pilot – the Cessna Skycatcher from Sawyer Aviation makes flying fun, safe and affordable.  Call Sawyer Aviation at (480) 922-5221 option 3 for flight training to schedule your first flight!

*OAC, based on FAA training minimums, $99 rate subject to change without prior notice and requires pre-pay account status. Rate does not include instructor, $17.60/hour fuel surcharge, any applicable taxes and fees. $199/month rate based on $7,000 financed through the Pilot Finance program 48-months. Light sport pilot training programs costs will vary and are based on student performance possibly requiring additional training at an additional cost. 1Cessna Aircraft Company.

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