G1000 vs Proline

The March 2011 issue of Citation Jet Owner’s Magazine has addressed the real issues and differences between two of the most popular private jet flight decks, the Pro Line 21 and G1000. Cryus Sigari assembled a group of plane owners who own or have owned aircraft with both these systems. Combined with his own experience, Sigari used this data to create a comprehensive comparison.

Currently, the Pro Line 21 is seen more often in jet cockpits, but Garmin is increasing their market share as the new Citation TEN is equipped with the G5000. On a basic level, the Pro Line 21 has more functional benefits and the G1000 has a modern, more pleasant appearance.

Some of the functional benefits that the Pro Line 21 has over the G1000 include the ability for programing visual approaches, custom holds and performance calculations. The Pro Line 21 also has the ability to simultaneously display multiple screens at one time. The hard button set up, actually decreases the amount of “button pushes” a pilot must do to accomplish some task. With that, the Chart Management function is easier to use.

Lacking in some functions, the G1000 makes up for it in graphics and appearance. The Synthetic Vision is unique and decreases one of the main causes leading to fatal accidents. The graphics are more advanced and the system is easy to use. The G1000 upgrades easily, rarely needing hardware updates. XM Weather is more comprehensive and the autopilot is more user friendly.

Both systems have their benefits and draw backs. The Pro Line 21 is more professional, but is lacking in visual aesthetics and ease in upgrades. The G1000 has a better appearance and graphics, but is lacking some helpful functions. Either way, these jets are programed to succeed.

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