Sully Approach Chart

As the two year anniversary nears of the “Miracle on the Hudson”, Jeppesen commemorated this event a little differently. Jeppesen has created and offered navigation informational products, services and software, for over 75 years. They are a subsidiary of Boeing, the world’s largest manufacturer of commercial jetliners and military aircraft. Both are leaders in aviation.

Captain Chesley Sullenburger “Sully” and first officer Jeffrey Skiles were both presented with a humorous and humble gift recounting their actions and decisions during the Hudson River landing.

The “Hudson Miracle APCH” is a uniquely designed approach chart that shows their arrival location as the Hudson River and their total flight time as five minutes, among other changes. Aviation enthusiasts will undoubtedly appreciate this creative honor that Jeppesen has granted these heroes.

Which is your favorite part? Can you think of any humorous additions?

Hudson Miracle APCH

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