Scottsdale Hail Storm

Footage of the hail storm on October 5th has been circulating all over YouTube with houses, cars and reporters caught on camera. We had our own camera rolling as the storm hit while we were here at the airport. Our footage covers the storm as it raged over the tarmac, obscuring our planes and 500 other aircraft caught unprotected.

The 70mph gusts whipped the palm trees about and the steady 50mph winds blew the hail almost horizontally. The storm caused water damage in the building and added plenty of dimples to all the cars in the parking lot. But what about the $1.37 million worth of Sawyer Aviation aircraft unprotected from the storm?

As Sawyer Aviation was among the first to have their planes assessed and fixed, the planes have survived wonderfully. This quick action has resulted in most of the fleet recovering rapidly. Those needing more parts replaced, were the first to arrive at expert locations elsewhere in the country.

Our immediate grounding and quick repairs has helped us recover, while still maintaining safety above all.

Check out our video of the storm!

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